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Sign SAM the Survivor Vehicle in Gympie – Sunday, February 17, 2019

Help spread hope to cancer sufferers and survivors by coming along to sign SAM the Survivor vehicle this weekend

This Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the launch of SAM the Survivor Vehicle.

Here is the heartbreaking – and heartwarming – story behind this venture taken from SAM the Survival Vehicle Facebook page

” Hi I’m Lisa and apparently co-pilot, I want to share how this mission started and why it is so important to me, I will try not to write a short novel and put you asleep.

I am an average Mum, Married with 3 Daughters, nothing special about our little family really.

One day I get a phone call, one I think I can confidently say NO parent would ever want to receive. “ Mum I have some lumps and I have been to the doctor and it is Breast Cancer” it was my now 22 year old Daughter.

What, No, Am I awake, No my world seemed to start spinning around and around. First came disbelief, then every other emotion fathomable followed.

But I was Angry most of all, angry at everything, this is my little girl, this isn’t right. It should be me not her, how could this be happening to her?????Then came surgery and more doctors appointments, then the news you want to hear – Remission.

Yes, thank you who ever is looking over my daughter, thank you. Things will go back the way they were now, so I thought. She is back to the person she was, so I thought. BUT. They didn’t, I watched the spark in my daughters eyes get dull, the bounce in her step fade to a stroll.WHY? She is cured I thought to myself, why is she still fading away into a dark place.

Because she isn’t cured, it is remission not a cure. Scared for life at such a young age wondering, waiting, will this shattering disease be back? Feeling like she will never look or feel the same on the outside or inside ever again.

Again the question came but why? You are a survivor and a very strong, young, beautiful woman and we love you so much and most importantly you are not ALONE, things we told her on many of occasions. The words don’t seem to sink though why? There it was again why?

And the answer is simple, ever feel like a small fish in a big empty pond, when we look around statistics show us the lives this pestilence disease has taken, not very often do we see statistics of how many go into remission or are survivors.

So what sort of Hope or Faith is that meant to give to someone in early remission, I guess you could say they could even start feeling like sole survivors, on a stranded island.

So this brings me to the ending, hope you are still awake.

The important part is here, I am reaching out to YOU to help Sam and I collect signatures of Survivors.

We want to completely cover Sam in signatures to pour hope, faith, sparks and springs back into the heart of my daughter and anyone else out there who needs a little top up right now.

So please please sign Sam. Keep an eye out for us out there and flag us down or a shout out online if you haven’t seen us yet and we will endeavor to get to an area near you to collect all these wonderful signatures that are going to blow this disastrous disease out of the water by showing it that there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

Thank you for your time and effort to read this about my little family. Hope you have a wonderful day.”

Please support this amazing Mother & Daughter and others by showing your support this Sunday.

When: Sunday, February 17, 2019, 2pm – 3pm

Where: Nicholas Christopher Drive, Lake Alford Recreational Area, Gympie

Cost: Free – please support by signing the vehicle

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